The Big Middle

Sergey Young

Episode Summary

VC funder of healthy longevity: "It must be affordable + accessible"

Episode Notes

Longevity science and economics to the fore once more on The Big Middle.

Or should I be calling it the science and economics of mission-driven healthspan extension by the eradication or damage limitation of the diseases of ageing?

My guest is certainly a man on a longevity mission of scale and awe.

Russian Sergey Young says he’s determined to make longevity affordable and accessible to change the lives of one billion people. He's set up a $100-million fund to get the job done.

We talk about his route into the exploding longevity industry, his ambitious mission, his deliberate strategy to grab headlines with - arguably - far-fetched proclamations, why he’s against immortality, his fund’s investments, the longevity science and innovation that most excites him, and how everyone in the industry needs to better communicate their goals to engage policymakers and the public.


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