The Big Middle

Jeanette Leardi

Episode Summary

Assets of ageing - a social gerontologist's view

Episode Notes

Reasons to be cheerful about global efforts to stamp out ageism across the generations on this week's The Big Middle.

Jeanette Leardi is a social gerontologist and a prolific writer and speaker on ageing issues. She's one of the leading lights of an international civil rights movement against ageism - a movement that's finally gaining ground after years of shouting from the sidelines.

I spoke with her from her home in Portland, Oregon.


“It doesn’t fully mature until we’re in our 50s, which means that once we’re in our 50s, we have the greatest capacity to use both sides of our brain at the same time. What does that mean in terms of relating to the world? Older adults problem solve differently than when were younger. We can see an issue from more sides, from more perspectives simultaneously.”


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