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Chip Conley

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The Making of a Modern Elder

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Hotelier. Author. Social Alchemist. Disruptor. Student. Sage. Modern Elder. That’s how my guest Chip Conley introduces himself on his website. Click into it and you find this quote:
“Young enough to take up surfing. Old enough to know what’s important in life.” That’s from his latest book - number five - "Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder.’’

Susan speaks with Chip on a squelchy Skype connection - hope the echo isn't too annoying - between London and Baja California Sur, Mexico, the paradisical site of his new Modern Elder Academy. Can you hear the surf yet?

Hear what when:

“The historical idea of an elder was they were regarded with reverence because they had age-old wisdom in a world that didn’t change much.. A modern elder is regarded for relevance, you’re as curious as you are wise.”

“Be open to the serendipity of new ideas, especially when they’re serving a greater purpose.”

”If you show up with curiosity and passionate engagement, it means your wrinkles will fade away. And what people will notice in a job interview is your energy.”

“That’s a good thing because in our 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, we’re more intentional about what we’re choosing to have in our life and who we’re choosing to have in our life.”

“I’m a human doing and I’ve done that really well and I’m a human being as well but I’m absolutely still a work in progress on the human being.”


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