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Martin Hyde

Episode Summary

Ageing and globalisation: "the state still remains an important actor"

Episode Notes

This time on The Big Middle, we’re homing in on the intersection of rapid population ageing and globalisation - the two biggest social transformations of our times.

How does the longevity revolution sit in the context of politics, economics and geography? It’s a big, almost impenetrable issue. But we’re in the capable hands of UK gerontologist Martin Hyde, a distinguished academic from Swansea University by way of the universities of Bristol, Manchester and others.

He co-wrote Ageing and Globalisation, the only book on this sweeping subject, in 2016.

When he’s not lecturing the gerontologists of the future from his home perch in Wales, he’s editing gerontology journals and whizzing round the world giving keynotes at conferences. I reached him at his home in Swansea.



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