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John Tarnoff

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Career reinvention masterclass for +50s

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Time was, as recently as 1900, you were a heartbeat away from your coffin if you were lucky to make it to 50.

Now, even a rare, fantasy retirement on a cushy pension loses its lustre when you might live another 30, 40 years.

More of us want to do more, but differently - pull back the curtain on our second act with a sense of excitement, ripe for new adventures and full of renewed purpose. But where to start? How to find that purpose?

John Tarnoff has made it his business to help us cut through the confusion of career reinvention after 50. He wrote Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career After 50.

####Hear what when:

“At this point in our lives we are looking for something different. We are looking for more meaning and more purpose in our work and our lives. There’s been a real change in who we are, what we know, what we can do and how we want to put all that into practise."

“It is not about what you see out there, trying to match or map yourself to some external position or criteria. It really is a personal development process...who you are, what gets you going in the morning, what sustains you, what can capture your imagination and, most importantly, where you can be most useful.”

“You must first give before you can expect to receive - this idea of Always Be Giving - ABG. Your networking process is about what you can contribute to the network first and then build your reputation as the giver, the resource, by making introductions, sharing information regularly, solving problems, giving of your experience and wisdom.”


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