The Big Middle

David Sinclair

Episode Summary

Whither the social longevity dividend?

Episode Notes

Will 2019 be the year we get closer to reaping a longevity dividend? How do we make the most of our ageing society when inequality, inertia and ageism skew the experience of living healthy, longer lives? I put these questions and more to David Sinclair, director of the UK's International Longevity Centre, a think tank exploring the impact of longevity on society.

Hear what when:

“We’ve got no plan over what this stage is for. Governments are terrified about trying to tell people what it’s for, probably quite rightly, individuals haven’t planned for it… and our lives are going to be different to how our parents and grandparents did live.”

“While we’ve seen growth in the proportion of people working longer, it’s still only 12 or 13 percent of people 65 working. A hundred years ago, seven in 10 men worked until 65. Now, it’s 12 in 100.”


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