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Marc Freedman

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The fountain of youth is with youth

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Search How to Live Forever online and you’ll get one billion 30 million hits - most about conquering disease and death, the mind-blowing efforts of longevity scientists. My guest is a leading expert on longevity but his views on the subject are firmly rooted in social science.

Marc Freedman is a social entrepreneur, president and CEO of, originator of the encore career idea - second acts for the greater good.
He’s a master storyteller whose ideas, deep research and deeply personal stories are presented in his latest book How to Live Forever - The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations.

We spoke in a plush bar - you'll hear chatter and clattering - at a swish hotel in London.


“We need to find new ways to do some of these old things, ways that are not nostalgic but are timely...We’ve got to adapt the grandmother hypothesis to the modern family world.”

“Rather than trying so hard to be young, to live to 150 or 150-thousand, we need to be there for those who actually are young. The real fountain of youth is with youth; it’s not in some test tube in Silicon Valley.”

“The parallel need is to be as creative about bringing people together as we’ve been about splitting them apart. We need to do it now because that’s the only way we’re going to navigate these new demographics.”


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