The Big Middle

Marci Alboher

Episode Summary

Putting +50s to work for social good

Episode Notes

"What if we looked at our ageing population not as a problem but as an army of experienced social problem solvers"

That quotable quote is from my guest, author Marci Alboher. She's a former career columnist at the New York Times and current vice president at That's an American non-profit mobilising that midlife problem solvers army and taking it global. I reached her at her home in New York City.

Hear what when:

“One of the best ways we’re going to combat ageism is get the generations to partner together on ways to create a world that allows all of us to thrive.”

“It’s almost as if it’s an internship for older people, a chance to get exposed to a new kind of organisation, yet use skills that have been built up over decades of work experience.”


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