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Dr Chris Ball

Episode Summary

Workability + workplace age management

Episode Notes

Not every government and every company are asleep at the switch as healthspans lengthen, birth rates fall, migration slows, and the hard-stop age of retirement disappears. Some are blazing new trails, making big moves to better manage ageing workers and boost tax coffers and bottom lines.

On The Big Middle this time, Susan gets a global tour of workforce age management practices from Dr Chris Ball, an expert on the challenges, opportunities + implications of workforce ageing.

Hear what when:

“When I’ve spoken to government ministers about it they tended to think that it was a bit odd, uniquely European, something that could be done in small countries but not the UK.”

”I don’t think the Americans have really risen to the challenge in the same way as some of the European countries have.”

“If you want to talk about silver / gold currency of any kind, get to the gold in people’s minds by positively engaging with them and valuing them in the organisations they work for.”


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