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Kerry Hannon

Episode Summary

How to #WFH in your PJs or start that business in a pandemic

Episode Notes

We are talking work this time - the now, how, why and even the what-to-wear of it through the murky lens of COVID.

"None of us know where it's headed; it's an uncertain pattern we're facing, an uncertain future and I think there''s a lot of fear out there but there's also quite a bit of opportunity. I'm seeing some glimmers of hope out there and ways that we're going to shift our workplace and the way we approach our work. But there are all kinds of opportunities coming up through this with this new world we're facing and I think of it as work transformed."

Our guide Kerry Hannon, author, speaker, work, money and personal finance expert. She taps into the zeitgeist of our rapidly ageing, rollercoaster coronavirus world for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, PBS Next Avenue, Money, US News & World Report and many more. 

She’s called on for comment by major and minor broadcast media, delivers keynotes, and writes books - 13 so far (a 14th was custom for a private client so not available to us).

Last year, she gave us  Never Too Old to Get Rich: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business Mid-Life and, just out, Great Pajama Jobs: How to Land a Job Without the Commute.


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